Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Pink and Purple Kind of Weekend!

Hey everyone! Hope you're checking back often! I'm starting to really get some orders! Praise God =) Here's some more recent ones from this weekend. This was a pink and purple kind of weekend, and they weren't for the same party! Enjoy!

Above is Bowzer... He didnt make the cut... ONLY because the cake was too small for 2 pups. So... He's our mascot instead. My wonderful assistant made him and he's wonderful! He is so supportive and NEVER tells us we're doing a bad job... Thanks, Bowzer! =)

Now we have Danielle's Sweet 16. This was fun, because we could do whatever we wanted! There are no two cookies alike! Fun, and super colorful!

Check back in a couple days! We're currently working on a St. Patty's Day Cake... trust me... you don't want to miss it!