Thursday, February 12, 2009

Business... and Pictures!!

Good Afternoon Everyone! Here is my second post, and I am finally ready to put up a few pictures! Hope all is well!

I'm super excited! We've created some business cards, and it's starting to really come along. I have a couple orders for March, and some for the summer already!

Ahh yes...Animal Cupcake Day. This was a trial day for my mom and me. We just took a saturday to try stuff out and see how we liked it! Some of them turned out great!

These precious little Penguins and Snowmen were for my sister's classroom... and how my business is picking up. Parents and teachers LOVED them. They were fun... and easy too!

Oh BOY! This was SO much fun. I made this for the superbowl party I went to, and originally I was feeling extreemly lazy and was only going to bring a plain iced cake just so there would be some kind of dessert there. Well, I should've known us better... my mom and I got WAY into it and it turned out really great! I'm super proud of the Cardinal's helmet. I never painted anything in my life... except maybe by numbers... and I did this FREEHAND! yeah... i'm brushin off my shoulders!

Enjoy, expect more soon, and remember...

Life is short... So eat dessert FIRST! ;)